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  Networking Services
Networking is a major part of Digital Information Tehnologiy business services. We can supply, install and configure networks of any quantity of computers. We also upgrade older networks from BNC or CAT5 to faster more efficient CAT5 E and F specifications.
  Specialist in all operating systems
Does your existing network consist of mixed operating systems such as Windows 95 and 98, as well as newr PC's running Windows 200 and XP and Apple Mac? No problem! We have expertise in reconfiguring networks with mixed operating systems as well as upgrading individual workstations without interfering with the exisiting working environment.
  Guaranteed data backup during network upgrade and installation
We guarantee that your File Server or Workstations will appear to perform without problems or data loss when we upgrade OR install new network systems. This is a major concern to all Companies who use networks of any size. Our confidence comes from the simple fact that we have full access to our mainframe networking systems using direct connection via ADSL and ISDN. That means we can back up any amount of data quickly and efficiently.
  All operating systems configured
  Upgrades and new networks installed
  Guaranteed all data backup procedure
  Existing networks reconfigured
  All networking hardware tested and supplied

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