24 Hour Support
We offer 24 hour support for all our customers - both domestic and business.
  24 hour on-site service
If you need an on-site visit to solve your problem we gaurantee a visit within 24 hours of your call.
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  Telephone Support

You can call the number below for 24 hour telephone support at Digital Information Technology. Please be patient - often in the case of virus cases, the help line can get busy - if you have to
leave a contact number we gaurantee we awill return your call.

Manchester Region:
0161 707 7828 or 07981 743313
Cheshire region:
01829 261685 or 07773 321779
24 Hour Support Telephone:
08707 403 464

  On - Site Support
Digital Information Technology offer a full on-site support service wether we have supplied your hardware or not! We guarantee a site visit within 24 hours of your call. If on the first visit we are able to both assess and solve problem we will quote for the work at the time of the visit. In all other instances we will assess the problem and return a quote by telephone within the same day of the visit.
  Courtesy Hardware Policy
Should your hardware need to be removed from the premises by our Technician before a solution can be found, we will give you a courtesy replacement for the duration of removal so that you can carry on with busness. This service is a courtesy service and does NOT cost you any extra.
Please be aware this policy applies to any hardware - wether supplied by ourselves or otherwise - and remember that all hardware or services supplied and carried out by Digital Information Technology comes with a full warranty and fully observes your Consumer Rights.

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